A Note To Anyone Thinking Of Voting ‘No’ To Same-Sex Marriage

Hey guys,

Well today has been one of the most hectic days in my writing career to date.

I wrote an article about Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage situation, which is pretty awful. Basically the whole country is going to (voluntarily) vote (by mail!) on our rights, and the results are not even binding. It’s set up so that if the ‘no’ vote wins, the government will take it as gospel and try to quash marriage equality; if the ‘yes’ vote wins, they are not bound to even consider it.

My article was picked up by the Huffington Post and received a massive response! It’s taken me hours to get through all the replies, which have been so overwhelming. I’m really glad I wrote it now.

My article is (somehow, amazingly) still on the HuffPost Australia front page – and you can read it here if you’re interested.

Time for a sleep now – I’m knackered!







Author: Holden Sheppard

YA Author from Western Australia.

3 thoughts on “A Note To Anyone Thinking Of Voting ‘No’ To Same-Sex Marriage”

  1. Holden Sheppard, I have no problem with same sex marriage. What are your thoughts regarding the views that some people have that there is a religious connotation to marriage? Do you see merit to that or think it is absurd to claim that marriage is a religious thing?


    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for your comment. I think it would be silly to pretend that there are not many people who view their marriage as being inextricably linked to their religion of choice; there are plenty, and bully for them.

      It would, of course, also be silly to pretend that there aren’t many others for whom religion is in no way connected to their conceptualisation of marriage or their own married partnership. There are loads of people who only have a civil ceremony. Bully for them, too.

      Tolerance and coexistence is the goal, in my view.

      Thanks for reading.



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